Understanding Your Skin Type

Before getting your tattoo removed, it’s important to identify your skin type. Essentially, there are four basic skin types: dry, oil, ordinary or combination of both. The way your skin responds to the environment defines the kind of skin you have. Your skin type can determine the success of the procedure. When meeting with Dr. Khorsandi, the first thing he will do is diagnose your skin. He will examine your skin to understand which lasers need to be used, and approximately how many sessions it will take. Various Skin types respond differently to lotions, creams, environment, and climate. The skin around your face is the starting point on how to find your skin type.

During your consultation, our staff will make sure you are aware of the different skin types and what skin type you have. Here is an overview of the four popular skin types:

1. Oily Skin

The skin may look slick, coarse and shallow; it has substantial pores and has a tendency to have pimples, clogged pores, and whiteheads.

The surface of the skin is thick; the touch is regularly sticky. It is energetic looking because of the nearness of oil on the skin. Other than that, within hours of cleansing, the oiliness characteristics will reappear, and cosmetics will be absorbed rapidly. Regularly, people with this type of skin have an affinity to create skin inflammation in their teen and middle years.

2. Dry Skin

This type of skin is straightforward looking and has a light surface. It might have no natural oils, may look fairly flaky with small pores, clogged pores, and imperfections. It feels especially dry in the wake of cleansing and may have whiteheads around the eyes and dry patches. It will probably turn out to be wrinkly than any other different types of skin.

3. Blended Skin (Combined Skin)

This type of skin can be described as oily on the T-zone (brow, nose and jaw) and other parts of the face, cheeks and around the eye, is dry.

4. Ordinary Skin

This is typical, healthy, sound kind of skin. It’s smooth, delicate, and supple; not very dry, not very oily, described by few imperfections, and has a pleasant sparkle. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that you don’t need to care about it

If this is your skin type, you are extremely fortunate, because under 20% of ladies have this kind of skin.

By considering the above-explained types of skin, you can contrast with the features of your skin and categorize it into any of the four said above.

One thing that you ought to remember purifying and saturating twice every day is an essential thing of having an alluring and healthy skin, paying little respect to what kind of skin you have. For most ultimate results, our clinic will use the lasers that best react well with your skin. We will provide a maintenance routine and proper aftercare that is effective for you both in terms of how well your skin will react to treatment as well as reducing the number of sessions to reduce the cost.