The Top 7 Tattoo Mistakes People Make That Bring Them To Our Clinic (Part One)

Getting a tattoo certainly falls into the “Decide in haste, repent at leisure” category. People visit our clinic daily with tattoos, that they now regret and need to have removed. At the risk of sabotaging our own business, we wanted to educate our readers on the top ten reasons why people require our services. For those people considering a tattoo, this will either totally put you off, or might make you think that little bit harder, about your design, and reasoning behind the tattoo.

Before you jump to the list, be sure to check out this video:

1. Your Partners Name

This will not come as any surprise to you if you have ever watched one episode of a Tattoo Fixers style show. The human race seems to love a grandiose statement, and while it is a very romantic gesture, relationships do break up. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a tattoo, and your next partner is unlikely to appreciate your ex’s name emblazoned across your body. This reason alone probably accounts for fifty percent of more of tattoo removals, so think long and hard before christening yourself with your current partner’s name.

2. Don’t Tattoo Your Face, Neck Or Hands

The general perception and acceptance of tattoos have changed drastically in the last twenty or so years. Previously the domain of sailors, or gangsters, a high percentage of the population now has tattoos. They seem to be just as popular among women as men, but regardless of the general change in opinion never have a tattoo on your face, neck or fingers. Whether or not it is politically correct, within five minutes of the tattooist starting work on those areas of your body, your employment opportunities drop by about 95 percent. The vast majority of companies, do not wish to employ people with tattoos on their face, hands, or neck. With a tattoo anywhere else, you can cover it up, with clothing or a uniform, but these areas are virtually impossible to hide.

3. Men – Don’t Get A Tattoo On Your Lower Back

Commonly referred to as a tramp stamp, this area has become one of the main areas that women have tattooed. It is not widely accepted for men to get a tattoo in that region, and a lot of men visit our clinic looking rather sheepish and wanted their lower back tattoo removed. Save yourself the embarrassment and choose a different area.

4. Don’t Get Your Fraternity Initials As A Tattoo

You might be proud of your college, or your fraternity, but having a tattoo of their initials is not a good plan. Ask yourself this question, if you went on a date with a prospective partner, and saw a big tattoo of their fraternity initials, would this impress you? Or make you want a second date? In most cases, the answer is no, and that is why having this type of tattoo is usually a bad idea. As your life develops and changes, the things which were important to you as a student lose their relevance, and that fraternity tattoo could quickly turn into a source of frustration or embarrassment, rather that one of pride.

Come back next week as we complete Part 2 of our top 7 list.