Finding Your Skin tone

It is quite common for people to believe that if they have dark skin, tattoos are much more difficult to remove. However, because our clinic has multiple lasers available to target specific skin tones and specific colors, that should not be a concern that crosses your mind.

Dr. Khorsandi is an absolute magician when it comes to removing tattoos. Whether you have dark skin or light skin, his expertise allows him to use the right equipment to leave you with minimal (if at all) scarring and no pain. This is why its extremely important to choose the right clinic. The person executing the procedure needs to have experience with all skin tones.

Skin Color Chart

Use the chart below to determine what type of skin you have. This will allow you to understand how the process works and which lasers will work best. It’s best to go over these prior to your consultation.

White Skin Type


Extremely sensitive to sun exposure

Tan Skin Type


Might be severely sensitive to sun exposure, but does not burn. Instead, you receive a tan.

Light Skin TypeC

Sensitive to sun exposure. Will tan gradually.

Light Brown Skin Type


Moderately sensitive to the sun, however you’re always tan.

Dark Skin Type


Barely sensitive to any sun exposure.

What ink colors can this be used on?

This can only be used on Black Ink.

If you are having trouble understanding how to determine your skin type, please visit the FAQ page to answer common questions.