Tattoo Removal Lasers Available At Our Clinic

Let’s first off state that tattoo removal is now faster and easier than ever. The advancement in technology has given us the ability to take away that regret. The newest lasers can sometimes remove tattoos in just a few sessions.

VIP uses the latest technologies in the industry. We use both the PicoSure and RevLite SI Lasers. This allows us to achieve the best results for our patients. Each laser is unique in its own way. It gives us flexibility on which one to use depending on your skin tone color and the colors used on your tattoo.

Additionally, having access to both types of lasers can help us speed up the process. We are all about saving all of our patients time and money, by using both lasers, we reduce the number of sessions required.


This is described to be the standard in the industry. It’s best described using two words: Effective and Reliable. It’s unbelievable that the technology was discussed 20 years ago, but no company was able to build a machine that could send out a beam that was consistent and safe; until finally the PicoSure was made.

What is PicoSure?

It is the only fully FDA approved laser that is used in the industry. Essentially it is a machine that sends out waves of energy to blast away ink particles, allowing your skin to absorb the ink.

Why Use PicoSure?

Before this laser was introduced on the market, it was difficult to remove certain shades of ink, like red, purple, blue and green. Several studies that have been conducted show that clients who have used PicoSure have experienced better results and fewer treatments with this option. It can remove the most challenging colors safely, without undergoing many treatments of it.

Is Treatment Painful?

According to staff and client feedback, discomfort and recovery time is minimal. The treatment reduces negative impact to the skin that surrounds the area; it promotes fast healing.

Rev-Lite SI

The Cynosure RevLite SI is one of the safest lasers that is available. It provides us with the option to remove tattoos from every skin color.

The great thing about it is that it is cost effective.

Why Use RevLite SI?

The beauty of our clinic is that we have the option to use either laser. Each one has its pros and when used in combination with one another, Using both machines allows us to cut the cost down of the procedures by reducing the amount of sessions necessary.

Is the RevLite Laser Painful?

You can be at ease to know that most people do not complain about pain when going through the process. You may feel some discomfort, but nothing that will even require pain medication.