Celebrities Change Their Mind As Well

If you have come to the conclusion that your twenty-year-old drunken tattoo was a mistake and now needs to go, then take solace in the fact that numerous celebrities have been through the same thought process you are going through now. Here are just a few celebrities whose tattoo removal club you are about to join.

Johnny Depp
A common thread running through removal is after a breakup. It seems that having ink of your partner may not be the smartest of ideas, and so it was with Jonny Depp. He had Winona Forever inked on his right shoulder. Only a few years later after their breakup he had the last two letters of her first name removed and ended up with the words “wino forever”, personally I am not sure which is worse.

Angelina Jolie
When you saw the elegant, smooth and sophisticated star today, it is hard to remember her rather less a salubrious past, when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. But at one point in her life, she made the rash decision to have his name inked on her left arm. Needless to say, she has totally washed away her past, and that has been covered over with the birthplaces of members of her family.

Kat Von D
Now you might think that professional tattoo artists would be even more aware of the importance of making the right decision when choosing a design but if Miami Ink star Kat Van D is anything to go by you would be wrong. Even though her relationship with fellow reality TV star Jesse James was turbulent, to say the least, Kat decided it would be an excellent idea to have him emblazoned on her rib cage when he was a boy. The couple split for good in 2011, and the rather creepy looking tattoo has now gone the way of the relationship.

50 Cent
At the height of his rap career, 50 cent had barely an inch of skin that wasn’t inked. However when he decided to change career path to become an actor, he got fed up spending hours in makeup. So to pursue his acting dreams he had all of those removed, which must have cost thousands and taken a very long time.

As you can see, you will be in pretty good company if you choose to get your tattoo removed. Nothing in life is permanent, and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of rash decisions made while in love or under the influence of alcohol. With some time and effort, it can be consigned to the annuls of history. If you’re interested in learning about VIP and how we can help you.