About VIP Tattoo Removal

A photo of Dr. Khorsandi at his laser clinic in Las VegasOperated by Dr. Khorsandi

Dr. Khorsandi is a plastic surgeon who is board certified; he provides procedures in the world-class cosmetic plastic surgery field. His facility is located in the Las Vegas Valley.

His clinic has an exceptionally talented team of high skilled and well-trained professionals. We ensure that every patient receives the proper education on their procedure, post care, and the top leading procedures in the field.

We ensure that each procedure for each patient fits into their lifestyle and is the right surgery for their body. He has been able to translate this mentality to the world of removing body art. The results speak for themselves. With his many accomplishments, he has the most advanced techniques and proper specialized training of removing unwanted tattoos.

Dr. Khorsandi’s Awards

– The national “Parents Choice Award” twice, for his compassion for each patient’s process of healing
– “Compassionate Doctor Award.”
– #1 Plastic Surgeon in Nevada Award.
– Las Vegas Life Top Plastic Surgeon Award.

Academic Background

Completed and combined B.S./M.D. programs at Villanova University and then later transferred over to Temple University School of Medicine to advance his education in the plastic surgery field. He is also certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has performed many elective rotations in plastic surgery. Not only was he a research assistant and one of the Chairmen of Plastic Surgery at Temple University, but he also pioneered a student chapter of “Operation Smile”.

After he had finished all of his programs in medical school, he began his training session at one of the most competitive and top general surgery programs in the world, the University of Pennsylvania General Surgery Program. He was employed at the two institutions that are continuously and consistently ranked as the absolute best hospitals in the nation according to World Reports and US News, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

When he went to the Cleveland Clinic, he then participated in the Plastic and Reconstructive Training Program. He eventually became the Chief Resident there. He co-authored a textbook on wound healing and then continued to complete Advanced Aesthetic Fellowship in Beverly Hills. There he learned how to operate and perform precision plastic surgery, which is the most difficult and challenging surgeries.

Later on, Dr. Khorsandi went to Houston, Texas and ended up becoming one of the best hand surgeons after undergoing and participating in advanced training there. At Case Western Hospital, he studied the art of Migraine Surgery under the talented Dr. Bahman Guyuron.

Not only has he mastered the art this process, but he also performs both surgical and non-surgical procedures in plastic surgery. Unlike many other surgeons and practitioners, he is the one to do personally all of his skin injections which, therefore, allows him to be able to provide tailored results for his patients. His primary goal is to make sure and deliver extremely natural and stunning results so that his patients will be satisfied with how they look and feel and look their absolute best.

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