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We Erase Ink Like It Was Never There

Typically, people choose to get tatted thinking it is going to be there forever. However, there are times when that permanent mark on their body doesn’t fit their lifestyle any longer or is just no longer wanted. Fortunately, Dr. Khorsandi has evolved his practice to provide a pain-free experience to reverse regret.

Removing body ink is available for people who want to get rid of an old (or new) tattoo. Our technology completely erases any marks on your skin, regardless of location, size, or colors.

Best of all, our facility uses the RevLite SI and the PicoSure systems. These Cynosure systems are fast and efficient, and less painful than other methods.

Why Choose Us?

drchriskhorsandiAs a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Khorsandi is an expert at enhancing beauty. He has performed thousands of complex procedures. For the best results, you are looking at the right clinic for this type of process. Don’t leave your skin in the wrong hands! Allow a certified surgeon use the proper machines and techniques to ensure the safest and best results.

Located 10 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, we accommodate to the most popular areas in Nevada.

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A before and after image of a patient who underwent 3 laser tattoo removal sessions at our clinic.

Don’t trust your skin with just anybody. Dr. Khorsandi is an award winning doctor due to his level of care and attention to detail that he provides for all of his patients.

Our Clinic Uses The Highest Rated Lasers in the Industry

Rev-Lite SI Laser

The RevLite SI is developed by Cynosure, which are also the creators of the Q-switched technology. It took over 20 years to develop this laser and is considered the most trusted in the industry. It allows us to target pigmentation and the entire color spectrum of tattoo ink.

Picosure Laser

PicoSure is also developed by Cynosure. This is the premier laser in the industry, designed to remove any tattoo color or pigment by delivering ultra-short bursts of energy. After just a few short treatments, PicoSure can remove any tattoos without effecting any surrounding tissue.

Before & After Photos of Our Tattoo Removal Patients

Dr. Khorsandi and his staff are the best I have ever experienced. I cannot think them enough for making this experience as comfortable and pain free as they did. It really goes a long way when you notice staff going the extra mile to ensure that you are getting the best treatment. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to finally get my tattoo removed.
Tracey CrumpLas Vegas, NV
I cannot thank Dr. Khorsandi enough for erasing what used to be a horrible tattoo on my forearm. The best part about the process was the level of care and it’s not as painful as many claim. Dr. Khorsandi’s staff made sure I was comfortable throughout all my sessions. I highly recommend visiting Dr. K and his staff if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo removed. You won’t be disappointed!
Daniel Thomas

When they say they will remove your tattoo like nothing was even there, they aren’t kidding! Dr. K is AWESOME!!!

Jim Parsons
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